March 3, 2021


1-2PM CT


Deductions 2021: Recovering Trade, Non-Trade and Big Box Retailer Deductions

Payment deductions eat away your profit margins and you try your best to resolve them.

However, remote workforce and supply chain disruptions have made dispute resolution and invalid deduction recovery even more difficult

On top of that, retailers including Amazon, Walmart, and Target keep finding ways to deduct more than ever with strict enforcement of compliance on PO or Vendor Agreement terms.

If you are looking to improve your process in 2021, join Jessica Butler, Kimberly Erickson, Kim Zablocky, and David Schmidt to get insights on:

  • 2021 latest trends and challenges in handling payment deductions.
  • Covid-19 Impact on supply chain and deductions resolution process.
  • Best-in-class strategies to manage remote deductions management workforce.
  • Essential tips to improve transparency, reporting, and root-cause analytics.

Expert Panelists:

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Jessica Butler

Founder, Attain Consulting

With 35+ years of experience, Jessica has helped 1000s of A/R professionals in reducing chargebacks and optimizing deductions management.

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David Schmidt

Contributing Editor, Credit Today

Dave has 30+ years of experience in helping companies to optimize their working capital by increasing the cash flow and reducing the bad debt.

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Kim Erickson

Principal, Optimize Receivables

With 20+ years of experience, Kim has been a wonderful ally to many companies in improving their A/R processes and reducing their overall operational cost.

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Kim Zablocky

Founder, Retail Value Chain Federation

With 30+ years of experience in the O2C industry, Kim has helped organizations in trading partner collaboration, optimizing the supply chain, and ensuring the best result for customers.