January 27-28, 2021 | 12-1PM CT

A/R Risk Management Bootcamp
For Trade Credit Managers

Free virtual workshop


  • Protect your unsecured debts with UCC filings and liens
  • Finding the right credit insurance program for your business

2 Hour Virtual Training Workshop

Managing business risk is crucial now!
Watch expert instructor-led training sessions on UCC fillings,Construction Liens, and How Credit
Insurance Can be Used to Manage AR Risk.

Day 1

How to Secure Your Debts with UCC Filings and Liens?

Jan 27,2021|12-1PM CT
Day 2

How to Select the Right Trade Credit Insurance Plan?

Jan 28,2021|12-1PM CT
Day 1

Jerry Bailey,
Executive Sales and
Education Services Mgr,
NCS Credit

Credit Manager’s Guide to UCC Filings and Liens:

Battling the Second Wave of Bankruptcy
Day 2

Des de Swart,
Founder,DDS13 Consulting

Decoding Trade Credit Insurance:

Risks, Concerns and Selecting the Right Plan


Where will the workshop be hosted?
A/R Risk Management Bootcamp is going to be hosted online. Once, you register, you will get a calendar invite with the zoom link. The link will remain same for all the two days. Simply join, grab a notepad and pen, enjoy!

What is the cost for attending this workshop?
This workshop is free of cost as of now. However, we have limited number of seats. Register now for free!

Will I receive the workshop material?
Yes, we will send the workshop recording, presentations as well as any exercise or actionable download material on the registered email ID. You will receive all of these within a week of the workshop.

How to contact the organisers?
If you have any questions, drop them in the section below. Alternatively, you could also drop an email to nfedie@info.highako.com.